10 maart 2015

Opening showroom Van Wanrooij

Opening showroom Van Wanrooij

On March 19th the showroom of Van Wanrooij Warenhuys in Waardenburg will officially be opened. A sturdy building as an eye catcher at the A2 highway near Waardenburg, combined with an attractive interior where visitors can choose from a wide range of new bathrooms and kitchens. The showroom concept was developed by Inbo up to every detail in a pleasant cooperation with Van Wanrooij and Nick Rijper Styles.

The different floors with example interiors are situated split-level around an enormous vide. Hereby the floors are connected to each other both spatially and visually. The vide enhances the visual relation between the different display rooms and creates a natural routing throughout the building.       

The building is expressive at places where the routing or the environment give rise to displaying the interior. By means of a transparent plinth and two extremely large windows the building communicates with its surroundings and offers a great panoramic view to visitors.

In the showroom Van Wanrooij not only focuses on the buyers of their own new built houses. Everyone is welcome. The success of this formula is proven by the fact that also parties like Heijmans and BPD choose to work with Van Wanrooij Warenhuys. Their buyers also choose their kitchens, bathrooms and tiles in Waardenburg.

This short movie gives a good impression of the showroom.

More information: Bert van Breugel, Bart van Berlo