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After three years of business in China, Inbo is confident about the Chinese market and determined to stay part of it. That’s why we opened our office in Shanghai last year. We proudly chose the Anken Warehouse in Shanghai’s popular Jing’An district as the right place for it.

All our offices are housed in buildings with a history. Buildings that were not build to be an office, but as a big house, a school or even a factory. For us, finding such an interesting warehouse full of creative companies, was a relief and the perfect place for our new office. Working together in a bright old building with a management focused on sustainability and in a dynamic district which is undergoing a transformation. Most of our offices aren’t monuments, but all of them are characteristic in their time. We find perfect working spaces in these buildings without them being a perfect office building. There is no air-conditioning, no standard ceilings, no official front desk. We love the light, the high floor-to-floor distance and the strange shapes of them. We like to be part of the extended life of these buildings. Sometimes we ask ourselves what it is that we experience by working in these older spaces. What makes them so attractive?

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