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Internationale spin-off

It is Chinese New Year. Since we are having a Shanghai based office, Chinese New Year is a moment for us to reflect on our international activities of the past year. Last year at the opening of our office, Mark Dekker (Director InboAsia) emphasized the importance of having a steady team in China in order to follow the customer inquiries in Chinese pace. And he was right. After previous successes in urban design and interior design, the intensive contact with customers is now also leading to several architectural assignments. Two projects in Shanghai and Guangzhou will start with construction in March this year. 

Whether it’s directly related to the success in China or not, the fact is that we are becoming more and more active in other countries as well. In Genk - Belgium, our laboratory for Imec is under construction. We are working on projects in Poland, Spain, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brazil for two multinationals. A Chinese client asked us to think about a smart city on a strategic location in Germany . And it also works the other way around: international architects regain more high-profile projects in the Netherlands and seek cooperation with our engineering team. 

It sure is going to be a good and successful Year of the Rooster! 

With kind regards, also on behalf of our InboAsia team, 

Mark Dekker, Shuying Lin, Aron Bogers, Wenli Pan, Niels Kranenburg, Lu Yu, Pieter Jonkers, Helen Zhang 

Bert van Breugel en Tako Postma