Sept 2018 - Extraordinary, naturally

Extraordinary, naturally

Are you well rested after your deserved holiday? Everything back to normal again? Or did you continue working during summer holidays, having the time to let your thoughts go over? 

I myself was at the Venice Biennale, where the discussion among architects is again very much about the social aspects of architecture and architecture education. They are very focused on pavilions and small-scale experiments - seemingly in contrast to the current building rage and the enormous buildings that spread throughout the world at the moment.

Then I went off to China, where I was with Mark and other colleagues in Shanghai to give lectures and to visit two buildings under construction in Guangzhou on Sunday afternoon. Huge construction sites, where work is also done on full speed on Sundays to make admirable quality with rudimentary technology. Impressive. 

Back in the Netherlands, it is particularly striking how we, the Dutch, shape our daily environment. Our usual course of action is not so ordinary. Energy-neutral as a matter of course, evidently in consultation with all users and supporters and opponents from the environment; just very nice! 

And every day a little better than yesterday. Let's continue like this!

With warm greetings,
Tako Postma