Sept 2018 - Extraordinary, naturally

Kas & Co: multi-generational housing

At the Veemarkt in Utrecht, Inbo and Hegeman are working on a housing concept that is unique in the Netherlands. Kas & Co is a multi-generational court where families of various compositions and age live independently around a shared courtyard with a large greenhouse as communal space. To everyone their own space, but with a feeling of togetherness.


The block is designed as a collection of individually designed houses. This is in line with the plan Veemarkt, which was established as a collection of blocks composed of individual houses. The differences between the types of houses are clear in this block as well, but communality remains a major design theme. Each house and apartment is different, but they are all built using the same bright yellow brick. These have been used in different ways – different connections and various colours of joint. The window frames have also been varied, although their vertical expression still connects them. Some houses have terraces, with mezzanines  and high-ceiling living rooms. This makes each of them unique, while still being an emphatic part of the block. The latter is also reflected by the huge greenhouse in the shared courtyard, which even appears in the face of the residential block. 

By now, there have been three meet-ups with potential buyers, during which the concept was extensively discussed and considered. Subsequently, the approach to individual living and ideas for shared facilities were elaborated further. Sales have started, but there is still space for enthusiastic people. 

The multi-generational court was initiated by Hegeman Bouw en Ontwikkeling from Almelo, with whom we are also constructing an apartment building for housing corporation Mitros within the same block. In that project, an experiment is running with self-management by tenants, who have organised themselves even before the start of the constructions. For the design and concept, we are working together with RRog Stedenbouw en Landschap. 

For further information: Tako PostmaLouise de Hullu