Sept 2018 - Extraordinary, naturally

History not literally imitated

The new homes will be built on a spot that is part of the Stichtse Lustwarande, a nature park that runs as a long ribbon from De Bilt to Rhenen. In the past this was a hunting and outdoor area for wealthy city dwellers who also had their country houses built there. That is why the project was designed as a new estate, with two large symmetrical ensembles. The De Kleine Warande building, a beautiful white terraced apartment building, is under construction. De Grote Warande, which consists of two red apartment buildings and single-family homes, is now on sale. The houses are inspired by the symmetrical and stately buildings from the area. The colors white and red that used to be built here in the past also return. As a result, the plan evokes visible memories, but the history is not literally imitated.


In this vulnerable environment, building was not possible without proper consultation with residents in the area. In casual meetings we well listened to the organized interest groups from the environment. For example, apartments were exchanged for family dwellings, so gardens connect with gardens. By making
good use of the fact that the historic Utrechtseweg has been laid out on a 2 meter high sand ridge, cellars and parking lots are out of sight.

The project is named after the former pharmaceutical factory of Andries Mijnhardt, which stood on this spot until 1972. It consists of a total of 155 homes and is realized by construction company Ufkes on behalf of Loostad project development and Reggeborgh management.

For further information: Jacques Prins