Sept 2018 - Extraordinary, naturally

Community school as estate

Inbo and BAM won the selection for the community school in the Oostindie district, by distinguishing themselves best in almost all competition aspects. A building that fits best in the environment; greater than the program demands and is therefore better structured and more flexible. A building with a very high GPR of 8.9 and the highest added value on the "fresh schools" assessment. The approved Plan of Approach not only takes the environment into account, but also involves the schoolchildren in the construction.


The school building is largely surrounded by water and is located on the central axis of the district. It fits in  naturally. The shape of the building and the layout of the outdoor space refer to the history of estates in the area. The brightly colored windows and the large window in the sports hall overlook the avenue along the building. The two storey building accommodates two schools, childcare and sports and neighborhood associations. Next to the colorful main entrance at the green schoolyard, the gym has its own entrance for the evening hours.

Thanks to an effective collaboration within the project team, we have succeeded in creating a spacious school building where all the children's activities of the neighborhood can come together. Everything is organized logically and pleasantly, with its own educational squares between the light rooms, which can also be used together. There is also a generous meeting hall over two storeys connected by a stage staircase. This flexible design stimulates cooperation between users.

The very high GPR of 8.9 is achieved by a well insulated façade, more than 300 solar panels and the use of three small heat pumps. The indoor climate and lighting can be optimally controlled per room. The school is expected to open its doors in early 2020.

For further information: Trude de Vroomen, Hugo Jong