Sept 2017 - Technical weather

Social Impact is literally present

After the holidays we started with ‘site visits’, as we say in Dutch ‘technisch weer’. While we are working on several projects, great tenders and selections - an educational building, two major urban planning assignments far abroad, a lab building in Belgium and a large housing project - there was  time to visit our building sites,  to view and to photograph them. 

And of course, there was also time for our summer drink on the terrace at the former Cereol factory in Meyster's Buiten in Utrecht. A perfect place to talk with each other about our discipline (and the holiday), because you our theme 'Social Impact' is literally present here. The place lives. It's great to experience that it's more than a nice urban plan with well made houses, above all it's  a nice urban space for the city and its residents. 

With kind regards,
Tako Postman en Bert van Breugel