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First homes Dunantbuurt completed

The Amsterdam Staalmanplein neighbourhood shows that new 'stamps' structure the public space and provide a pleasant green living environment. Since 2007, Inbo was involved by housing corporation ‘de Alliantie’ in the redevelopment of the Staalmanplein neighbourhood. In this redevelopment, all residents were offered the opportunity to move to another building in the same area. Tako Postma and Jop Alberts after a vote of the residents won the architectural selection for the third phase, the Dunantbuurt, which is now being completed. 

The design is based on a so-called stamp deployment. Like the original building, the plan is made up of a number of repeating building blocks. These new building blocks consist of a combination of single-family houses with a garden and parking spaces and an apartment building. By their clever arrangement, there is a change in the long street image of the Dunantstraat and Aletta Jacobsstraat, while the side streets from the Staalmanpleinbuurt are seamlessly flowing into the new, intimate plantations, linked to the widened canal. 

All homes are made with the same architectural style, characterized by a pale terra-coloured mass with recurring square subjects. Here too there is a stamp pattern: the gray squares are constructed in bricks with a special cavity, which together form a (continuously rotated) smaller square pattern in the façade. To give the streets a cloak height, pent roofs are applied, with characteristic new roof tiles. The resale and middle-class rental houses on the south side along the water have elevated attached front gardens with a terrace stairs, providing privacy for the residents and a new vibrant appearance from the waterfront. 

More information: Tako Postma, Jop Alberts