Sept 2016 - Recharged


Today it is Sustainable Tuesday. And a warm one. After a delightful summer break we, both literally and metaphorically, started again full of energy. Last week a big part of the 185 people at Inbo joined our non-alcoholic cocktail party at the office of Enexis, which just got rebuilt. Aron Bogers rebuilt the old transformer house into an inspiration center. 

At three places in the building we got three inspiring stories and three nice and healthy bites. Our colleagues Aron Bogers and Rodi van der Horst showed us the ‘before and after’ pictures and took us with them on the huge transformation the building got: fully circular, with minimal resources and reused furniture. Lisa Bisschop and Sylvia Jorritsma of Enexis told us about how they work in the innovation center on energy transitions and how this will influence our daily life in the near future. 

Third speaker was our ideal client Harold Koekoek of Eneco. He spoke about the change of the old world to the new world. In his inspiring talk he told us about Eneco’s plans with the enormous coal power plants in Utrecht, which will be rebuilt into an energy campus. “Anyone who helps our clients to use their energy in a better way, can participate”. Cirkelstad and Inbo are definitely joining, and more parties will follow. 

Are you also in to make the world healthier, more economical and more sustainable?

With kind regards,
Bert van Breugel and Tako Postma