Sept 2016 - Recharged

Living and gardening project Rijswijk

This month the first phase of Geworteld Wonen (living rooted) in Rijswijk will be completed. Geworteld Wonen is a collective private commissioning project with a focus on people who like to live and garden together. We took the initiative to find those people and to bring them together. The project connects the DNA of the location – which has a tradition for centuries of self-sufficient horticulture – with the sustainable ambitions of Rijswijk Buiten. The houses are intertwined like a checkerboard. De gardens contribute to a sustainable living environment in both a social and healthy way. 

Also in the design of the houses sustainability is a key point. An eye catching element in the design are the 100% recycled massive plastic facade elements, made from agricultural plastic and bottle caps.Arnold Homan: “We researched the possibilities of the material technically and esthetically and also made a life cycle analysis. The plastic parts, by KLP Lankhorst, don’t need any maintenance or paintwork and they don’t harden. The material keeps its properties and will be of value in the future of a developing circular economy. Thus, residents don’t need to worry about their facade, they can put all their effort in doing what they like best: gardening.” 

The future residents, with whom we designed their houses together, are very enthusiastic about the almost chic, though modest, look of their houses. Dura Vermeer, the contractor, will start building the second phase directly after the completion. The third and last phase, the main house with 20 apartments, is almost sold out. At this very moment the meetings with the buyers are in progress. By the end of 2017 the completion of the main house is planned and county seat Geworteld Wonen will be fully completed.

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan