Sept 2016 - Recharged

Discussion with a view

They did it: Hello Zuidas got the owner of the penthouse of 900Mahler willing to making the casco apartment available for a lunch gathering. Let’s hope for good weather, because then the view goes from the dunes to the Domtoren in Utrecht. The attendees are able to look up through the glass floor of the pool, although the water is not in there yet. 

On September 19 at 10 tables 100 people will join a lunch and discuss about living at the Zuidas in all its facets. It has been proven that living in a city is healthier: people who live closer to each other are walking and biking more and play more sports. Is that still the case if the density is even higher? Rik Bakker, 900 Mahler’s architect, leads the discussion about the architecture of residential towers and the role of terraces. 

Other experts will talk about all the other facets of the new Amsterdam neighborhood. Living at the Zuidas seems just as popular as working there. In the coming period more buildings will be yielded, like the tower Intermezzo, designed by Inbo as well, and the rental houses in Blok 9. 

Which effect the residential tower has on the Mahlerlaan already is very clear. Because of the high plinth and imposing entrees of all these towers a real high urban area arises, which is unique for Amsterdam.

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More information: Rik Bakker, Tako Postma