Sept 2016 - Recharged

Building A Home away from Home

The project A Home away from Home is fully in progress. We asked Rutger Oolbekkink, advisor at Inbo and project leader on behalf of COA and the Rijksbouwmeester, for an update about this special project. 

Rutger: “Let me start by saying that I am very proud that A Home away from Home got so much attention in the press lately. With a big and diverse team we are working hard to make this project successful. Besides there are some new and exciting thing coming up.” 

During the final meeting of ‘A Home away from Home’ on Wednesday June 29 in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam the six winners of this special designers price were announced. A Home away from Home is a design competition seeking flexible housing solutions that offer a suitable temporary home to asylum seekers. 

“The six winning teams will now get the opportunity to transform their concept into a full size prototype. During the Dutch Design Week (October 22-28) in Eindhoven the public can explore the prototypes for the first time. In the city hall of Eindhoven the prototypes of the category ‘new housing’ will be showcased. The concepts of the category transformation can be found in the Klokgebouw.”

On top of that it is also possible as from Wednesday September 5 to keep up to date with the process of the project via the Making-Of blog. The different teams will place updates about their prototypes here. 

Finally, at least for now, a pop-up expo is travelling through the Netherlands. This way the COA and the Rijksbouwmeester want to show the result of the project to a bigger audience. If you are interested in exposing the pop-up expo yourself, you can send your request to For pictures of the pop-up expo have a look here.

A Home away from Home is an initiative of the COA and the Rijksbouwmeester, led by Rutger Oolbekkink (project leader) and Maaike Stoop of Inbo. 

More information: Rutger OolbekkinkMaaike Stoop