Sept 2016 - Recharged

Biotech Campus Chengdu

Together with local partner Thupdi, Inbo designed a masterplan for a new Biotechnology park in Chengdu. The design is based on the same principles as Inbo's design for the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. 

The base for this environment for open innovation is a mix of building sizes and typologies (S-M-L-XL vs. incubators and accelerators) in a strong pedestrian network, with key shared facilities on one central 'easy to reach' location, to orchestrate informal encounters between the different users. We proved in Eindhoven that an environment where people are being stimulated to meet each other leads to more innovation, to more patent applications and that it attracts more international top talents.   

At the same time we tried to create an environment where it is both pleasant and healthy, with Chengdu's typical relaxed lifestyle as a starting point. That's why we extended the landscape of the central park into the plots across the street and realize an above average green ratio. For a healthy life, the campus offers a variety of in- and outdoor sports and recreation facilities as well as locally produced organic food which can be consumed on site. Organizing bigger building volumes into smaller clusters with their own shared spaces, gives people a sense of belonging instead of being just a number. 

Of course we also integrated the principles of a Sponge City to add project quality and effectively address water issues, including minimizing flood risk.

More information: Mark DekkerShuying Lin