Sept 2016 - Recharged

33 Energy neutral houses in Roden

In the Bomenbuurt in Roden 33 houses are being renovated into energy neutral houses. In The Netherlands we like to call these houses ‘Zero Energy houses’, as they gain just as much energy as they use. The houses are all-electric, gain their own energy and will be very well insulated. Trude de Vroomen and Olof Schonewille made the design. No sinecure, as a Zero Energy house asks for an integral approach with a lot of measures. The houses will get a new insulated facade with new window frames and an insulated roof covered with solar panels. A balanced ventilation system, a boiler and a heat pump will provide warm water and heating. The previous boiler and gas supply will be removed and if needed kitchens, bathrooms and toilets will be replaced. 

Together with Dijkstra Draisma Inbo participated in a Design & Build team and was responsible for the design and architectural elaboration for the renovation based on the facade renovation system developed by Dijkstra Draisma. Around the existing facade a new insulated facade will be placed with a stone strip finish. Trude says: “Of course it is very important that all energy measures are effective and make an integral concept, but it also is very important that the neighborhood is an recognizable environment to live in. This choice for stone strips provides a timeless and robust appearance which matches the character of the neighborhood.”    

The preparations for this project took about a year. Woonborg, our joint client, worked very closely together with the residents. A part of the residents joined a project commission and was also part of the Design & Build team. They are enthusiastic about the design and will get a nice, comfortable and affordable ‘new’ home in their familiar residential environment. In September Dijkstra Draisma will start the construction work. Beforehand one house will be renovated as a showcase. The project will be ready in April 2017.

More information: Trude de Vroomen, Olof Schonewille