October 2017 - Caring for each other

Care centre Rijngaarde completed

This month, residential and care center Rijngaarde in Bodegraven has been completed. After 30 years, the centre adds 48 homes to its organization. The new residents will move in, in the upcoming weeks. In 2015, we won the selection together with the contractor Kroon & de Koning. 

We designed a rectangular volume without protrusions, keeping a clear urban structure for public space. This fits in with a master plan in which a number of urban villas will be added to the ensemble in the coming years. 

The main theme of the building is meeting. Both the entrance hall and the traffic areas on the floors are characterized by it and can be used in different ways and arranged as a meeting place. The heart of the building, the atrium, is the lightest place of the building, as the daylight passes through the roof. 

The three-room apartments, where seniors can live independently, are houses for life and suitable for home care. The new building comes next to Rijngaarde care center, which allows residents to meet their needs of healthcare. On each floor are nine senior homes, which are provided with individual storage for, for example, their mobility scooter. 

More information: Jacques Prins