October 2017 - Caring for each other

Start construction nursing home Lakenhof

Thursday, October 5, the construction of the Lakenhof in Leiden starts. A new urban nursing home for Topaz, accommodating 72 elderly people with dementia or chronic physical complaints who no longer live independently. All residents have their own independent living studio with shared living room and outdoor space. The nursing home comprises of three floors. Each floor has its own large outdoor area on the sunny side, overlooking the football fields. From the first to third floor, the residents live in groups. The individual rooms are cleverly arranged around the living rooms, which enjoys the full width on the south side. Therefore the building is compact and flexible.

Regulations and the especially the financing of the care system for the elderly is constantly changing. Therefore, a floor plan has been developed with 24 apartments and shared living rooms per floor. The living rooms are located next to each other, which means that they can still be arranged after the start of construction. In this way during the design process, it was possible to accommodate different care visions in the same form, although changing from groups of 6 or 12 to final groups of 8. On the ground floor, you can find a garden room for public use, a number of multifunctional rooms for movement, therapy, meetings, offices and parking space.

The construction is done by the Katwijkse Bouwmaatschappij (KBM). Schulte & Lestraden and Steegman Electrical Engineering are there for the installations. The consultants and advisers are State Building Management (Project Management), Pieters Construction Engineering (Construction) and HE Consultants (Installations). Inbo is the architect of Topaz and, in close cooperation with these parties, provided the design, the environmental permit and the tender documents. The new caring facility will be finished in the second half of 2018.

More information: Tako PostmaFrans TimmersLouise de Hullu