October 2017 - Caring for each other

New village living in Zevenhuizen

Together with Bouwcombinatie Zuidplaspolder; consisting of Heijmans Woningbouw and BAM Wonen, in March Inbo won the selection for the 3rd phase of Koningskwartier, a new residential area southeast of Zevenhuizen. Half a year later, the design has been completed and the third phase is on sale. 

With a small-scale village living environment and a rural green look, Zevenhuizen is an attractive village to live in. The size of the plan area requires a connection to reach the same village scale. This connection is first and foremost made by the landscape and spatial structure. The differences in architecture contribute to the orientation and connection with the 'own' place in the area. 

In the design for Koningskwartier we looked for the polder's appeal and found the connection to the Delftse School. The Delftse School aimed for an architecture based on familiar and recognizable standards and values. In addition, people wanted to honor the tradition of Dutch rural development. According to the architects of the Delftse School, beauty was just in simplicity and a good harmony between mass, space and lightfall was important. The use of brick, wide window frames and bay windows (mostly in light colors), high gutter lines, green hedges and the use of natural stone are characteristic for this style. These are the elements that give Koningskwartier a recognizable character. 

More information: Eerde Schippers, Trude de Vroomen, Teun Leene