October 2017 - Caring for each other

Caring for each other

In the east of the country we have the concept of neighbourliness. This indicates the village's tradition to care for each other in small, often agriculture-oriented communities. If your woman is pregnant, I will help you with the construction of an extra room. If my husband is sick, you will help with the harvesting. Something like that. 

Also in cities, more and more people understand that we need each other, but preferably in such a way that it is not mandatory and, above all, that is doesn’t lead to an extreme form of social control. And that can also be an attribute or replacement for traditional care homes or nursing homes. In this newsletter you will find beautiful examples of housing projects in which neighbours want to be more involved. Where people live with care for each other. 

The fact that we get our work done by working with care, is shown by the nominations for four nice awards. And besides proofs that appreciation comes from involvement. 

With kind regards,
Bert van Breugel en Tako Postma