October 2017 - Caring for each other

More generations under one roof

At the Veemarkt in Utrecht we work for Hegeman on a housing concept which is unique in the Netherlands: a multi-generation courtyard in which families of different structure and age live independently around a common courtyard with a large greenhouse as a common space. Everybody has their own apartment or home, but also dwell slightly together.

In the Veemarkt, all building blocks were designed as a collection of individually designed houses. Also in this block the differences between the types of houses are clearly visible, but in addition the commonality is an important design theme. All homes and apartments are different, but are made up of the same fresh and yellow stone, with different connections and applied with different colour joints. The frame types are also different, but in their vertical expression they are united. There are houses with roof terraces, with atriums and double volume living rooms. As a result, they are individual, but also clearly part of the block. The visibility of the enormous greenhouse, through the block from the common garden in the front, ensures this connectedness.   

In the meantime, 3 meetings have been organized for potential buyers, in which the concept and the way of independent living and ideas for common facilities have been further elaborated. The registration has started, but there is still room for more enthusiasts. 

The multi-generation courtyard is an initiative of Hegeman Bouw en Ontwikkeling from Almelo, with who we also build an apartment block for Mitros in the same building block. Experimentation with self-management by tenants has already begun in this block, which was organized before the start of construction with the involved parties. For the design and concept we work together with RROG urban planning and landscape.

- Kasenco-wonen.nl

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