October 2017 - Caring for each other

Knarrenhof reaches its highest point

On the initiative of Peter Prak and Eerde Schippers, the foundation Knarrenhof was founded. The aim is to offer elderly people an alternative way of living together, which they organize themselves, based on the old concept of houses around a courtyard.

The future residents organize the maintenance, care, energy etc. with the help of the Knarrenhof Foundation. All the things the residents can do themselves, will be done by themselves. In the end this is always most fun, most active, better and cheaper.

The concepts of safety, security and independence are central in this scheme. Residents organize this for themselves. It all reflects in the fact that we design with the residents instead of for the residents.

This also reflects in the amount of interest shown by the considerable number of members of the association and the numerous initiatives that have taken place throughout the Netherlands to make such a place to live. There is great social support as well as support from the elderly and the association of Eigen Huis.

It is great to see how actively the association Knarrenhof Aa-Landen in Zwolle is involved in the construction (by Trebbe Zwolle). It will be most exciting to interview these first residents in the future about their experiences, as well as to ensure that following associations will learn from this process.

More information: Eerde Schippers, Peter Prak (Knarrenhof) www.knarrenhof.nl