October 2017 - Caring for each other

900Mahler nominated

900Mahler op de Zuidas has been nominated for the Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs 2017, a prize for the best or most beautiful new building in Amsterdam. We hope to win this prize, and therefore we need your help. You would make us very happy if you vote for 900Mahler, which you can do via this link

900 Mahler, a robust brick building with a New York-ish allure, makes living on the Zuidas more popular. The building has median priced rental houses and apartments and luxury penthouses with visible and spacious outdoor spaces. It is built on a high plinth which houses the public function: being a restaurant, dental practice and a spectacular gym. This makes it a great example of how high urban living can offer an alternative to a group of people with high demands for living and a desire to invest. It shows that such a building, with careful detailing, not only contributes to the silhouette of the city, but also to the liveliness of the street on the ground floor. 

900Mahler is a project of G&S Vastgoed, who have made a nice video of the building. The rental properties are owned by Syntrus Achmea. The building was built by Boele Van Eesteren. 

- Project 900Mahler, Amsterdam

More information: Rik Bakker, Tako Postma