Oct 2018 - Call


In the week following Sustainable Tuesday, we saw the speech of the throne. After the greenest coalition agreement to date, the remainder of the speech was mainly of financial nature. Sure, there is some money for the energy transition, but the cabinet still hasn’t taken a stance on the ‘climate agreement’; a somewhat concealing name for a compromise bereft of taste, which is said to be ‘priceless’. Still, the Minister did put out the challenge to build one million houses. That is quite a challenge; however, we are missing a great opportunity to do this properly, as no ambitious conditions were set. And the circular economy was not mentioned at all.

Shall we just stop waiting for ‘the government’ to take action and get to work? Let’s not convert sustainability and circularity into measurable units but use them as a stimulus to take a next step on the ladder, and preferably based on sound reasoning. We have started and are searching for parties who are willing to contribute and move on together. Maybe then the government will be able to ban those old German diesels from our cities.

A great subject for the Expo Real in Munich next week! We will gladly come over to discuss.

With warm greetings,
Josine van Gulik en Aron Bogers