Oct 2018 - Call

Why still have a doorbell?

Do you ever wonder what it takes to change a building or house into a circular one? It’s a pretty refreshing occupation, especially as there are no assessment frameworks yet. And why would we need them? It might not be that complicated at all. Taking the first steps toward a future built on circular principles mainly requires a curious approach and critical self-reflection.

We’ve seen simple re-use by now (the door that becomes a table). But reducing is at least just as interesting. You could discuss in depth what the use and necessity are of various materials and products found in the average home. Just strike off that classical set of silver cutlery.

Ok, here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Who ever turns on the heating in their bedroom? So why is it placed everywhere?
  • What good is that heavy, noise-insulating door if you can’t hear your kids crying when they have a nasty nightmare? Isn’t that door always open anyway?
  • Why do you still have a doorbell when everyone owns a mobile phone?
  • A hip loft doesn’t have skirting boards, does it? But it does have washable paint behind the kitchen.
  • And why do we construct such heavy houses in the Netherlands that they require to be set on concrete piles? Aren’t those becoming scarce?

Even if no one is sure yet, we choose to get to work as soon as possible. For example by providing lectures to the new generation of designers at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. And by realising 20 social housing units in Eindhoven together with Woonbedrijf, in which we really want to take a completely different approach.

We’ve already started a while ago. Feel free to join!

Further information: Aron Bogers, Eef Middendorp