Oct 2016 - Living

Living in historical heritage

Parkwonen Vaneker is a special project of Hegeman Bouwontwikkeling from Almelo, where historic heritage built by the German occupation will be transformed into houses. Architects Eerde Schippers and Olof Schonewille designed five big, spacious houses in the former Mess and Chapel and added eight new semi-detached villas. Sales started before summer. All houses were sold within a very short amount of time, at this moment the buyer contracts are being closed. 

The Vaneker has a layered history. The landscape was shaped in the Ice Age. Starting in the Middle Ages a peasant society arose. From the beginning of the 20th century the first airplanes alighted in the area, that was used as a military airport during and after the Second World War. With the typical farm design the historical buildings adapt to the landscape and the farms and country houses in the surroundings - a conscious camouflage.  

The five houses that will be built in the Mess and Chapel are big and spacious. New adjustments will be made where needed, like the entrances, creating a wide view at the landscape and creating more daylight with a high vide. These new adjustments and additions, designed as a contrast, change the old Mess and Chapel into pleasant houses. 

The architecture of the new semi-detached villas is based on the tradition of the modern architecture of the Twenties and Thirties of the past century. With the Haagse School style, which is a mix of the Amsterdam School style and the New Building style, the facades are characterized by their modern and horizontal brick architecture. The gradual transition from inside to outside adds the experience of the landscape to the villas.

More information: Eerde Schippers, Olof Schonewille