Oct 2016 - Living

‘City Entrance’ Spui in The Hague inhabited

The renovation of the city entrance Spui in The Hague has been completed. The tower designed by Inbo is inhabited, the plinth with commercial spaces has been activated with a fitness and the bridge as well as the public space around the building were recently renewed. 

Our residential tower is located in the Central Innovation District (CID), the area between the rail way triangle HS / CS / Laan van NOI. In this area and around the three stations the municipality expects big developments leading to a high quality mixed, intensively used part of the city. The CID forms one of the leading elements of the report ‘Space for the City’ which the municipality of The Hague recently presented. 

Creating an important densification, the ‘Stadsbaken’ (city landmark) is an enrichment for the living environment. Also the building connects urban professionals and young families in the heart of the city. Located in between two train stations, the tram stops in front of the building and there also is an integrated parking garage. Thus urban living and great mobility were made possible. 

From the canals and the Spui the tower looks more slim and elegant because of its diagonal placement relative to the sight lines. Located at the border of the city center, the big windows of the houses provide great views. With dimensions of 80 m2 and 123 m2 there are houses for both singles and young families with average incomes. Special houses on top floors are popular amongst expats. In short, a nice an attractive building that provides a high and affordable quality of living on a highly urban location.

More information: Jeroen Simons, Saxon-Lear Duckworth