Oct 2016 - Living

Scheepmakerskwartier nominated

This year the City Council of Haarlem will hand out the Lieven de Key Penning to the best architecture project for the 8th time. The 16 special quay homes of the Scheepmakerskwartier are nominated. We are proud that we are nominated with a project in which the residents made such a great contribution to the result of our work. There also is a public award. Will you vote for us? 

The quay homes were sold including us as an architect in 2014. Jan van Gils, Wilco van Oosten and Tako Postma designed a unique house for each buyer, that fits into the whole block by using simple building rules. From the outside all houses are different, seen best when passing them by foot. The ground floor can be reached in different ways. Where one living room is situated directly at the quay, the other lays a bit higher at the back behind a sidewalk. 

The bay windows and balconies show that the living spaces are all designed by the buyers. The differences inside are even bigger than it looks from the outside: there are houses with a split level in the living room, with big open spaces or even with a vide from the ground floor to the roof. Some of the residents also got an elevator. Our client De Key and contractor Dura Vermeer took a risk with this way of developing, but the results are high quality houses. 

We have good memories  of the meetings with the buyers (held in ABC architecture center in Haarlem), where they had the chance to show each other their future houses with scale models. A neighborhood where the people knew each other already before they moved there. 

The quay homes together are the image of the Scheepsmakerskwartier. A car free quay with two levels, a welcoming port and above all a nice quiet place in the center of Haarlem.

You can vote via www.haarlem.nl/lieven-de-key-penning-2016/ 

More information: Tako Postma, Wilco van Oosten, Jan van Gils