Oct 2016 - Living

Pleasant living in De Meester

In the popular residential area Kleverpark in Haarlem real estate developer COD bought the former technical school and asked Inbo to design the transformation to apartment building De Meester (the teacher). The 15.000 m2 building was built in 1920, and is an example of a typical school building from the first quarter of the 20st century. The monumental façade is traditional and has nice features of the Amsterdam School style, such as rich details in the brickwork and traditionally styled entrances. 

The wide hallways and four meter high class rooms are perfectly suited to realize special and spacious studio’s and apartments. The H-shaped complex encloses two outside spaces which will be arranged as nice green courtyards where people can live in a pleasant way, alike the Haarlem tradition. 

The school is a characteristic and appreciated building in the neighbourhood. Since VMBO Sterrencollege left the building in 2009, the school is empty for the biggest part and because of the lack of maintenance there is some decay. Together with COD and the advisors, and in close consultation with the municipality and monuments commission we renovate the building and maintain the character of the school as much as possible. With De Meester a nice and new way of living will be added to the Kleverpark. 

More information: Rik Bakker, Tako Postma, Niek Schouten