Oct 2016 - Living

Completion of first houses SPACE-S

Finally. After years of involvement in the development of SPACE-S (Strijp-S, Eindhoven) the first tenants will soon move into their homes. Contractor Stam + De Koning will complete the first houses in November. The completion is an important step in the development of this unique plan by housing corporation Woonbedrijf, in which people got the opportunity to create their own space, both inside and outside. 

When all the seven blocks are inhabited in spring 2017, the plan at Strijp-S counts 402 co-created social houses in very different types: apartments, lofts, student houses, housing combined with working spaces and housing for assisted living. Plu-s (an earlier initiative by young people with intellectual disabilities) and Futuris ((young) adults with a disorder in the autism spectrum) rent a number of apartments in SPACE-S. 

With a lot of energy and inspiration the future residents of SPACE-S have been thinking about their ideal neighborhood and homes since December 2012. Via Facebook and workshops the plan for SPACE-S was made step by step. In design workshops with future inhabitants we discussed floor plans, facades, materials, windows, balconies, gardens, paths and fences. 

The location on Strijp-S in Eindhoven is transforming from an industrial area to an urban area, with a relatively big ‘mass’ fitting the urban density. The residents wanted to give this mass a pleasant lightness in a human scale, which resulted in green courtyards that will form the connection between the seven buildings. A lot of attention was paid to communal areas such as a shared living room and a kitchen garden. Residents also like to see the liveliness and entrepreneurship, characteristic for the vibrant Strijp-S area, in SPACE-S. A striking number of small entrepreneurs combine living and working here in a new creative way. 

The whole process can be followed through www.space-s.nl/ and www.facebook.com/space040.

More information: Aron Bogers, Frank Zewald