Oct 2016 - Living

Intermezzo almost at peak height

Only a few more weeks before Intermezzo reaches its peak height of almost 90 meters. The chic residential tower rises very fast due to the intensive collaboration and the smart prefabricated facade. 

Intermezzo has an innovative facade with supporting and non-supporting facade elements, that are stacked from parapet height to parapet height. The wall forms part of the mold for the cast-in-place concrete floors as well as a fall protection at height. Every completed storey is wind- and waterproof, finishing can be done immediately. Era Contour did not only choose this way of working because of the shortening of the construction process, but also because the appearance and quality of the façade is better on short and long term.

The designers, constructors and suppliers of Intermezzo work as one team with a BIM-model, built and coordinated by Inbo. During the engineering phase this way of working resulted in increasing the saleable area by applying thinner facade elements and smart compact shafts. At the implementation stage every supplier ‘plugs’ its own parts into the model. All details are coordinated, the numbers are up to date and the whole is insightful for all stakeholders. 

The chic appearance of Intermezzo and the diversity of the floorplans with spacious terraces are popular: all 175 apartments and penthouses are sold. 

- Project Intermezzo Zuidas, Amsterdam

More information: Bert van Breugel, Wilco van Oosten, Niels Kranenburg