Oct 2016 - Living

Hefkwartier binds families

On the location of the former Oranjeboom beer brewery, an exciting place at the Maas in Rotterdam, a new quarter is arising: Hefkwartier. The post-industrial setting of the place can be felt through the neighboring Unilever factory , the Hefbrug bridge and the Entrepotdok building that all stand for the industry of the old harbor. The first phase of this special residential area, a development by Dura Vermeer and AM, is completed now. 

Hefkwartier is located at the southern shore of the Maas, at the Kop van Feyenoord. The urban plan and architecture are shaped in a highly urban consistency and offer a diversity of living atmospheres, price ranges and densities. The appearance is modern with details that refer to an antebellum city. The future bridge in the extension of the Willemsbrug and the Oranjeboomstraat connects the area directly with the city center, making it possible to reach the Markthal in only be a few minutes by bike. 

The closed building blocks of the Hefkwartier are characterized by a sturdy architectural style that fits the scale of the environment. The most characteristic part of the area is the inner environment. With leveled carless living streets and a square, a place with its own atmosphere and identity was created. Delft style sideways, kitchens situated towards the street side, green elements in the public area and small stairs to sit on provide maximum support to a safe character and residential quality. Children can play in the streets safely; a perfect place for young families. 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Saxon-Lear Duckworth