Oct 2016 - Living

The role of the province

On the 27th of September the Provincial States of Utrecht organized an opinion-forming meeting in the context of updating the provincial living policy. Guido Wallagh, partner-advisor at Inbo, gave a presentation about the modern role of the provinces and the appropriate instruments. 

He noticed that the Province of Utrecht is working with a clear direction. Two third of the newbuilding production has to be realized within the city and the province takes its regular role when it comes to important themes, connecting, sharing knowledge and regulate. Guido’s plea also was that there are assignments which could be appointed to the Province of Utrecht. 

As an example he spoke about the importance of realizing average prices for rented houses. The fact that the demand is higher than the supply is generally acknowledged, as well as the causes of this and the way this deadlock can be breached. However, municipalities, corporations and markets don’t have the power to change this into results, whereby on province level a crucial segment in housing is missing. Every reason to take on these tasks and add them to the housing policy. 

During the discussion with the members of the Provincial States it became clear that it is needed to specify what is provincial interest and what this will mean for the role of the province. Does the Provincial States sees a role for itself in this situation, how will there be defined according to the provinces interest and do the other involved parties support the role of the province? A discussion that got a political touch.

More information: Guido Wallagh