Oct 2016 - Living

900Mahler on shortlist of Zuiderkerkprijs

Residential tower 900Mahler has been selected for the Zuiderkerkprijs 2016, the price for the best residential building in Amsterdam. On the shortlist are the ten best project of this year. 900Mahler is designed commissioned by G&S Vastgoed. At the end of October the jury will visit the building. On the 8th of December the price will be handed out to the architect and client of the winning building during ‘De Prijzen van 2016’ (the prices of 2016). 

The chic towers in Manhattan from the first part of the past century, with their clear structure and carefully composed, richly detailed brick facades inspired us to design 900Mahler. A high and a lower tower on top of a wide public plinth provide optimal sunlight and views for the apartments. The verticality of the piers and the details of the brickwork give the building a slim and at the same time sturdy look. The large windows give residents a beautiful view at the city and the balconies are generous. A feast to live in. 

- Project 900Mahler, Amsterdam 

More information: Rik Bakker, Tako Postma