Nov 2017 - Success and pleasure

Wilco van Oosten partner of Inbo

Wilco has been working for our agency for more than ten years. His projects are standing out. Always distinctive, with a sharp architectural profile and never dogmatic. Nice examples are the housing projects De Wending in Amsterdam West and Van Eesterenplein in Almere. In Schiedam he works with a large group of residents on a Senior Smart Living project, with two beautiful modern courtyards as a result. His important contribution to successful major projects, such as the award winning renovation of the Faculty of Dentistry and the energy-neutral new building for the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, are also special. 

Wilco van Oosten is a real team player. He knows how to find a balance in working with a multidisciplinary team and at the same time making creative, unique suggestions. It is nice to see that clients recognize that, and that Wilco has built up his own clientele in recent years. In addition to the projects, Wilco's ambition is to bring more attention to the cultural profile of Inbo in Amsterdam. And he has been chairman of the Amsterdam BNA-Kring (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) the past years. Wilco's enthusiasm and substantive drive will undoubtedly lead to more visibility of Inbo and even more beautiful projects in Amsterdam and far beyond. 

More information: Wilco van Oosten