Nov 2017 - Success and pleasure

Talking about Marineterrein

In the centre of Amsterdam lies Marineterrein (former navy area). This area, about 13 hectares, has been closed off from its environment for centuries, but will be available for redevelopment at the end of 2018. The owner, the State, plans to sell it and the municipality of Amsterdam intends to buy it. In preparation for the future of Marineterrein, the State and the municipality started the development planning. The first step, the Principle note, was released in mid-July 2017 for a broad social information and consultation round. Guido Wallagh of Inbo was commissioned to organize this round, to make known the site and its redevelopment, to inventorize initiatives and to comment on the first ideas for the future of Marineterrein. 

Through social and regular media hundreds of thousands of people were reached between mid-July and early October 2017. During 26 public meetings, 1300 conversations were conducted and via an online survey and the website 2500 comments on the first ideas for the future have been picked up. On the 4th of October 2017,  the final meeting for 170 interested parties took place in Pakhuis de Zwijger, with presentations by planners and discussions on sub-topics. The way in which this first information and consultation round was conducted, the most important responses and a reflection on this are described in the final report of the first information and consultation round. The report is interactive, with direct links to reports of meetings, videos which have been used in the social media campaign and a registration of the final meeting. 

More information: Guido Wallagh