Nov 2017 - Success and pleasure

SPACE-S wins Dirk Roosenburg Award

The city as co-creation. That is the driving ambition behind SPACE-S, the housing plan at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, which was fully developed with the residents of the 400 social rental apartments. The project won the Dirk Roosenburg Award last week, the architectural prize of the municipality of Eindhoven. With its choice, the jury makes a clear statement: the way this ambition is designed illustrates that architecture is a lot more than just designing a beautiful facade. 

Under the inspirational commissioning of Angelique Bellemakers of Woonbedrijf, more than 200 events have been organized for the creation of SPACE-S. From the start, residents were able to discuss and influence how they wanted to live, from the urban planning to the architectural scale and the mapping of each individual's home. The residents literally had the role of the client. It led to an attractive urban residential environment with a wide variety of apartment typologies, surprising green spaces and a several shared functions. But above all, it led to a special community in which people know and respect, help and speak to one another.  

Architect Aron Bogers is enthusiastic about the opportunities for individual residents that were created by this process. "I know a lot of current residents personally. For example Joep, he collected most of the ‘mats’ points, making it possible for him to choose a home first. Because of his unconditional involvement, he has a very beautiful double-height loft in the highest tower on the Torenallee. But there are also many other special stories. Like the family that lives in three different places in this project. Both the parents and the children are active residents. The mother of the family has a visual disability. With her crucial choice to choose an apartment with a wide façade on the south she now lives in a house with a lot of light. It can really be that simple. The entire design process of SPACE-S has cost a lot of time, but it also gained a lot of energy, and stories like this make it totally worth it." 

The Dirk Roosenburg Award aims to promote the quality of the built environment in the municipality of Eindhoven through public discussion. From the jury report: "The SPACE-S project is distinguished by a remarkable and large-scale bottom-up approach. From the beginning, future residents have been involved in the development and design of this plan. This involvement has led to the creation of a community even before the design was completed. The involvement of the architect (Inbo) and urban planner has been great especially in guiding the process residents towards a functional and aesthetic end result. This project is an illustration of the changing role of the architect in current residential plans." 

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More information: Aron Bogers, Frank Zewald