Nov 2017 - Success and pleasure

Mark Dekker appointed associate-partner

In October, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our Shanghai office. Under leadership of Mark Dekker our team and our projects in China grow both in size and content. Mark is an architect who comes with new ideas in image and writing, and (therewith) inspires colleagues and clients. He gained a lot of design experience at various architectural offices in the Netherlands and thereby has a large network in the Netherlands and beyond. 

Mark has been working for great Dutch offices in China for over five years. He knows how to interest existing and new relationships for the design qualities of our agency and thereby continues building a very interesting network. From this network we have had special opportunities in spectacular and substantive interesting big projects. The number of jobs is growing, as well as their quality, and the first Inbo designs are under construction. We designed e.g. a 25 km² master plan along a highway in Hangzhou, which connects the major hotspots in the region, and a 200.000 m² movie campus in Shanghai's Jing'an district. 

We are convinced that Mark and the strong team in China, in combination with a dedicated team in the Netherlands, will further expand our position in the Chinese market and will make valuable contributions to Inbo's professional profile with ongoing projects. 

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