Nov 2018 - Living is a verb

Green campus inaugurated

On 20 October, the first phase of the ‘Eco Garden Office Campus’ was officially opened in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The campus was designed by Inbo and was built in a mere six months. The entire campus consists of seven unique glass office villas and an office tower in the midst of green surroundings.

Guangzhou is a harbour city in the south of China with approximately 13.5 million inhabitants. The Eco Garden Office Campus is located in the Panyu district and focuses on the tech, IT and mobile industry, from start-ups to medium-sized companies. The campus has been given the name ‘Future Hill’, following the design’s optimal use of the green hill right next to campus. With sunken gardens, green patios, roof gardens, terraces and a central park, the campus absorbs the green qualities of its surroundings. Yet, at the same time, it is designed as an open innovation environment, with space for informal meetings and knowledge exchange between the users. The tower and its bordering sunken square offer shared facilities such as an exhibition space, a gym, a convenience store, a restaurant and incubator spaces.

The fully sealed curtain wall with four-metre-high glass elements increases the sense of working amidst the lush green. Aluminium blinds improve the privacy, but also highlight the different buildings. The dark glass skirting reflects the surroundings, creating a visual effect in which the building seems to float in the landscape. The campus users are relatively young. This attractive, healthy and green environment was designed with them in mind, to allow each company to make full use of its individual qualities, but also to take advantage of a powerful collective. The remainder of the low-rise is expected to be delivered before the end of the year. The office tower will follow in 2019.

This first phase consists of three buildings, including the sales centre (with interior), two underground storeys, one of which will serve as parking space, and the landscape. The quick delivery was possible thanks to a close collaboration with Vanke and local architect BIAD. In comparison to the Chinese norm, these buildings seem rather small, but this was a conscious choice. This approach allows users to buy a part of or an entire building. This is a rare opportunity in China. Moreover, the buildings are bigger than they look, as there is office space in the basement as well. 

The opening took place in the presence of a large delegation of invitees. Naturally, there were delegations from Vanke, the ordering client of the Campus, but also present among the attendees were Mr Leo Chen, vice-president of telecom giant Huawei, and Marjo Crompvoets, the Dutch consul in Guangzhou. 

- Project Eco Garden office campus, Guangzhou

Further information: Mark Dekker