May 2019 - Urban Strategy

Trust in the Zeeheldenbuurt

Together with over two hundred clients, we are working on a new design for the Zeeheldenbuurt in Wormerveer. The foundations in the neighbourhood are showing severe problems. In fact, these are so significant that demolition is unavoidable. A good portion of the rental apartments have been sold in the past, which makes a joint approach much more complicated.

The municipality, housing corporation and residents each have very different interests. We brought these different interests together during what we call “sketch weeks on location”. We took the results from these meetings and translated them into a new design for this working-class area.

The foundation issues force us to work towards demolition and a new construction plan with parts to be renovated. As ownership in the neighbourhood is divided between the Parteon housing corporation and private owners, Inbo supervises both the urban development plan and the participation process.

During our “sketch weeks on location”, the various wishes and requirements were visualised in order to clarify to everyone what the spatial and financial consequences could be. To achieve this, we used models, drawings and virtual reality. The doors of the Schetshuis (Sketch House), which is located in the middle of the neighbourhood, are open to residents seven days a week; they can walk in and contribute their thoughts. This creates a lot of confidence in the process.

Fast and carefully
Move quickly and offer clarity, but handle each interest with care. This is only possible if everyone participates and listens to one another. In Wormerveer, we were able to achieve this thanks to our personal approach.

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