May 2019 - Urban Strategy

Urban planning design as a solution

Ingenuity in urban planning is in high demand. Over the next few years, hundreds of thousands of houses, shops and business will have to be built or transformed. Each of these projects will have to be sustainable, inclusive and attractive at often demanding locations in the inner cities.

These urban planning challenges often present dilemmas, such as conflicting space claims, conflicting interests, speed versus care, and the reflex to reach back to proven concepts versus the need for innovation. We are convinced that dealing with these dilemmas is exactly where the added value of urban design is to be found. With our designs, we do more than clarify the contradictions and make them negotiable, we also offer options and solutions. We are able do this thanks to our knowledge of the market, by knowing the intricate details of the project, and by elaborating on the consequences of possible choices.

In this newsletter, we illustrate the solving capacity of urban planning design through various dilemmas encountered in projects.

Aron Bogers, Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik and Tako Postma