May 2019 - Urban Strategy

Woerden’s front garden

Along the A12 near Woerden, three local entrepreneurs are designing the Voortuin van Woerden – Woerden’s front garden. The entrepreneurs and the municipality share the ambition to make this location into more than just an average location along the motorway. The Voortuin van Woerden is not merely a business park, it is also the face of Woerden as seen from the motorway, upon which nearly 200,000 people drive past the city each day. This approach ties in with the green and landscape-like character of the municipality. A peculiar choice, as a green atmosphere is rarely associated with a business park.

All logistics out of the picture
This means that green and economic activity should go hand in hand. Inbo was commissioned by the entrepreneurs to create an urban development plan and a view quality plan. The name Voortuin, Front Garden, truly takes shape through its green fit into the environment. The image of Woerden as the centre of the Groene Hart area is emphasised by a wide waterway with spacious and natural banks on the side of the motorway. The entrepreneurs involved have high ambitions regarding sustainability: the entire development will be gasless and nature inclusive.

This will be one of the first motorway locations in the Netherlands for which all entrances, parking areas, shipping and storage space will be behind the buildings and thus kept out of view of the motorway. Two islands will be created in the waterway, each with three buildings upon it. These six buildings will be designed as pavilions in the green.

Unanimous support
Inbo’s urban development plan has been approved by the executive board of Woerden, and the city council also unanimously supports the plan. The zoning plan is currently being finalised, and construction is expected to start in early 2020.

Further information: Wouter van Boekel