May 2018 - To learn from each other

Matrix TU/e as Innovation space

Matrix is one of the buildings from the first building phase of the original campus of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) by architect Van Embden. The building has lost its clear functional and spatial design through adjustments in time, but now it can regain its position as a dynamic hub on the TU/e campus; as home to the Equipment & Prototype Center (EPC) and TU/e Innovation Space (ISP), in combination with the existing research set-up for process technology of the Faculty of Chemistry.

The users and their work are central in the new Matrix. EPC makes custom-made setups and prototypes for research in a variety of areas that may be seen. They get new high-quality workshops on the renewed transparent ground floor of Matrix, next to the research set-up of the Faculty of Chemistry.

Visible innovation is also achieved in other places, by the glass facades on the ground floor, a central exhibition zone and the workshop spaces of Innovation Space around a new void in the entrance hall. These also form the functional and spatial connection to the 1st floor, where ISP gets its new place and where additional general classrooms have been realized.

Research, Innovation and Development are the core values of the new Matrix; the 'prototyping' building of the TU/e Campus.

The completion of Matrix is planned for the end of June 2018.

 - Project Matrix TU/e, Eindhoven

More information: Aron Bogers, Pieter Keijzer