May 2018 - To learn from each other

To learn from each other

Inbo represents architecture with a strong social character. This requires genuine interest in the other and the will to learn from each other. Therefore we are so pleased that we won the public award of the BNA Building of the Year 2018 for Space-S and also the jury prize in the category liveability and social cohesion. We know that we have learned a lot from the 600 tenants that we made the plan with, but these awards show the appreciation for our work by the public and our fellow architect colleagues.

Ambitious young people sharpen our curiosity, tell us what the new generation thinks is important, help us with the ease with which they acquire new techniques. And vice versa, fortunately we also have something to teach them, about the profession, about how you organize processes in a fun and smart way and how you can bring about change.

That is why we actively seek cooperation with educational institutions and partners in the industry and share internal knowledge on the work floor, in the Inbo Academy and in our bimonthly InboCafé in our own work. We use our shared knowledge and enthusiasm to make better educational and research buildings together. Healthy buildings, schools where it is pleasant to work and learn and where people meet each other in a natural way.

Kind regards,
Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik, Aron Bogers, Tako Postma