May 2018 - To learn from each other

People of Inbo share knowledge

Teaching is the optimal opportunity to tell beautiful stories about the profession, to convey pleasure and to hear from the new generation of professionals what they find important. Aron Bogers and Eef Middendorp organized a lecture series about the circular economy for the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, in which students discovered their personal and professional motivations in order to find their role in the ever faster changing environment . 

Guido Wallagh, advisor-partner, was Associate Professor for Urban Planning from 2006 to 2016 at the Utrecht University, for Planning System Issues studies. He says: "With the lectures, students not only get to know the special way in which the Netherlands handles the design and redesign of space, they also reflect on practice and instruments. The concept of 'good spatial planning', for example, will get more clear to students. By starting each lecture with current events, it becomes clear to students that the law on spatial planning and the way it is handled is evolving over time." 

Architects Arnold Homan and Kevin Battarbee and project leader Hermen Smelt have been guest lecturers for Master students at the TU Delft for the past six months. "Many of the students that I have taught are from all corners of the world," says Kevin. "The differences are great - both in the way of working and learning, and in the ‘baggage’ that students take with them. A good student is looking for his own materials, building methods and techniques to support his or her own design concept. Then it is up to me to help them with applying those ideas, and at that time you also learn from them as a teacher. For example, craft techniques and materials from a different building culture, or cutting edge techniques that are not yet widely used." 

Helen Zhang, architect, taught three afternoons at primary school De Dubbeldekker in Hilversum: "I like to teach because I think sharing knowledge is important and in my own way I want to enthuse students about my field. It is important that they learn to form an opinion and reflect on their current and future living environment. Their own contribution and interest in this can ensure that they are going to love architecture as much as I do. " 

More information: Aron Bogers, Eef Middendorp, Guido Wallagh, Arnold Homan, Kevin Battarbee, Hermen Smelt, Helen Zhang