May 2018 - To learn from each other

Sustainable children’s campus

In Rijswijk a new community school will soon be built commissioned by the municipality of Rijswijk. The building application has been submitted, the tendering process is progressing well. From 2020, Catholic primary school Godfried Bomans, Daltonschool 't Prisma and the J.H. Snijdersschool will share a new sustainable building here together. The building and the surrounding grounds, together with the adjacent playground, form the 'Children’s Campus Rembrandtkwartier'. 

Today, designing a primary school requires making the right choices to fit the requirements of the three specific educational visions within the tight budget. The main goal of the design was a school building that can easily accommodate future changes. A structure that can carry all the functions of the schools, which is compact, which offers space for more than the program requires; a building that can still be a good and usable school building in 60 years' time. 

Clever organizing and switching functions and following the ‘Frisse Scholen’ requirements make the building sustainable and future-oriented. By building ceilings and walls hybrid we could keep the building compact. Classrooms are equipped with sliding doors to be able to switch spaces and thus organize internal flexibility. Play areas and playroom are shared. The learning plazas are connectable with the classrooms and playrooms. A playroom, learning area and staircase make an auditorium. This flexibility allows for all kinds of activities to take place during the day. 

The neighbourhood is also involved: schoolyards are shared with the neighbourhood, the neighbourhood shares its street with the school. Together with the involvement of the parents, the school is mainly a place of connection, that everyone can be proud of. 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Saxon-Lear Duckworth