May 2017 - Future Impact

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The dynamic in our company is great, the follow through of projects is high and the growth of new young people is exponentially increasing (we have gained by 200+ again!). This is paralleled to the world around us, which is getting faster and faster. In this chaotic world, it's about how you can filter the right information from the big amount of data and images. 

New media is part of that world. A book is already outdated from the moment you publish it. Big advertising leaflets are no longer socially and ecologically justified. And why would you read a long text if you could get the same information from a short YouTube video? 

For the most beautiful images of the projects we are most proud of, or for the latest developments as well for inspiration, you can now also visit our Pinterest page. Do you require anything, or do you have tips? We would love to hear it! 

More information: Michiel Greeve