May 2017 - Future Impact

Invitation OverBurenBorrel

What are the consequences of the future on what we are doing now: what do all those exciting technological developments mean for the way we will experience our living, working and educational environment? Together with Yvonne van Mierlo (Director of Blauwhoed Studio), Antoine Fraaij (Director of DUWO) and Ronald Huikeshoven (Director AM) – our good neighbours and friends – we will initiate the discussion with a few solid statements. 

Designing and developing means thinking about the community and the use of a building as well as thinking about buildings itself. And a community you can only build  together with users or residents. The techniques of how we do that are changing quickly. Virtual Reality and the self-driving car are just the first examples of this. This makes it even more urgent to think about the way we will live in the future in the buildings that we are currently designing. What will being at home mean in the future? Will we still think that a good neighbour is more important than a far friend? 

With a drink, we would like to exchange thoughts about Future Impact during the OverBurenBorrel. 

Will you be there too, on Tuesday 30 May from 17:00 on our terrace? Then sign up here

More information: Wilco van Oosten, Kelly Verberne