May 2017 - Future Impact

'Visiting' the new Atlantic Hotel

We have recently created our own Virtual Reality room at our office in Woudenberg. The first model we converted to VR is the Atlantic Hotel in Kijkduin, a transformation project commissioned by BOHA. In a room of ​​about 5 by 5 meters you can walk through a building with 90 hotel rooms, 80 apartments, 40 short stays, meeting rooms and 215 parking spaces. 

With one push you can teleport yourself from the front porch to the entrance hall, to one of the apartments or to the beach. Although you clearly understand that you are in an animated world, it feels very lifelike. In fact, if you don’t watch out you might balance on the edge of the balcony of one of the penthouses. A feeling that cannot be beaten by any hot flash. 

The Atlantic Hotel will be expanded extensively with luxury free sector apartments and extra hotel rooms. In addition, the existing hotel will be renovated both outside and inside. The facilities, such as the bar, restaurant and wellness, are also being renewed. The functional diversity of the renewed hotel is reflected in the mass construction and architecture, creating an attractive image that surprises from every angle. 

In the coming time we will translate more models into VR and continue experimenting with virtual worlds. If you would like to walk through your own model, please let us know. We are happy to check out the possibilities! 

More information: Jacques Prins (Atlantic Hotel), Josine van Gulik (Virtual Reality)