May 2017 - Future Impact

Kansenfestival co-creatie

402 rented homes and 200 different types of houses. 350.000 man-hours of construction workers. And: 4.646 followers on Facebook, 500.000 to 1.000.000 substantive talks, 5 kilos of peanuts and 5 years of great involvement of the residents. 

A little impression of the facts of the distinguishing co-creation SPACE-S. This big project has been designed together with the residents. With immense energy and without going beyond the limits of budget and planning, it resulted in a nice residential area with concerned residents. 

SPACE-S started almost five years ago with an empty building plot on Strijp-S in Eindhoven and a big group of future tenants. Together with them Woonbedrijf, Vestide and an enthusiastic team of professionals started to work on the design of their neighbourhood. The residents decided how the DNA of the area should look like. Together we designed the building, everyone’s individual apartment and the common indoor and outdoor spaces. In a dynamic process they have decided how they are going to live together at SPACE-S. 

To be able to make a design we organized meetings, labs and excursions. Together with future tenants, we built real-time dwellings of styrofoam. An active, online community had been created on Facebook. Residents thought along, introduced ideas and got to know each other. At this moment the plan has been created and the different blocks are being completed. The SPACE-S community takes its neighbourhood in use. 

It is a good moment for the team - Woonbedrijf, Vestide, Stam + De Koning, Urhahn, 12N Urban Matters, Conversation Next, Rutger Büch and Inbo - that organized the process, design and construction to look back and share their experiences. Of course it was searching for the right ways of working, of course not everything went smooth and of course there were struggles. But above all, we want to share a lot of positive experiences, results and opportunities. And of course the end result: the new neighbourhood. We will do this during the Kansenfestival co-creation on September 21st at Strijp-S in Eindhoven

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