May 2017 - Future Impact

Young Inbo’ers win jury and public prize

Inbo Denktank, composed of Richard Blees, Robin Beers, Jeroen van Dam and Chris van Heeswijk, won the jury and public award of the competition Woontransitie Hackathon. Therewith, they are through to the second round. During this hackathon, organized by Woningcorporatie Stadlander, both professionals and students are challenged to come up with an innovative concept for the expansion of an apartment building. The expansion of the home should enable retirement living later in the home and also help to speed up the energy transition in the environment. 

Inbo Denktank was able to convince the jury with their concept to build with cardboard, which has a lot of benefits Richard says: "It's light weight (which means less money is needed for the building foundation), circular and it's being produced locally." 

The cardboard parts are prefabricated and are easy to assemble on site. Cardboard trusses provide stability. In between the trusses, cardboard insulating elements with a waterproofing sticker will be installed. The elements will be pasted in between the trusses, creating a waterproof whole. Because of the modular system, elements can easily be exchanged with facade openings. For the exterior finishing, different "sticker patterns" can be chosen by the residents. 

Woningcorporatie Stadlander will make four homes available in which the teams can test their concept in practice. The aim is to realize the prototypes of the winning teams in the fall of 2017. 

More information: Richard Blees, Robin Beers, Jeroen van Dam, Chris van Heeswijk